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you know he likes to get blown/ has he got enough money to spend?
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summer break meme | day 9: five overtakes

4. Kimi Räikkönen on Jenson Button at the 2013 Singapore GP

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MARCA || It embarrasses you to…

Puyol: sing and dance.
Iniesta: speak in public, if it’s not a press conference
Xavi: not a lot of things, I’m not easily embarrassed
Busquets: I’m very shy when I first meet someone
Ramos: when I receive compliments to my face
Reina: be looked at on the street
Pedro: I get embarrassed really easily
Torres: when I’m recognized in public and people scream
Pique: be the center of attention
Cesc: a lot of things embarrass me. I’m easily embarrassed
Villa: see myself in a commercial
Llorente: talk in public
Javi Martinez: I don’t get embarrassed easily
Xabi Alonso: show yourself up
Albiol: go somewhere new and introduce myself
Arbeloa: do stupid things
Silva: speak in public
Mata: do stupid things in public
Navas: talk in public

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"On Periods: Let’s put this shit to bed right now: Women don’t lose their minds when they have period-related irritability. It doesn’t lower their ability to reason; it lowers their patience and, hence, tolerance for bullshit. If an issue comes up a lot during “that time of the month,” that doesn’t mean she only cares about it once a month; it means she’s bothered by it all the time and lacks the capacity, once a month, to shove it down and bury it beneath six gulps of willful silence."



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she loves flowers

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